Admission procedures for international students on Master Studies

1. Filling in the application form - Potential student fills in the Form in 2 copies in Serbian or English ​​(one copy for the Institute, and the other for the person who enrolled the student). Students who are not able to fill in the form in person at the Institute, can fill in the form electronically, sign it and send it scanned to the Institute directly or through the enrollment coordinator of foreign students.

2. SUBMISSION OF DOCUMENTATION - Potential student submits a copy of passport and diploma of previous level of study (to be nostrified in Serbia) translated into Serbian by a court interpreter or English for the Institute's records of potential foreign students. Nostrification of undergraduate diplomas is performed by the Institute or one of the Universities that conducts a study program that is related to the study program that the student completed in a foreign country, through the Institute's request.

3. INVITATION LETTER - The Institute sends an invitation letter to the Embassy of Serbia in the country where the potential student applies for an entry visa to Serbia.

4. DIPLOMA NOSTRIFICATION - The student himself (or with the help of the enrollment coordinator of foreign students) submits a request for nostrification. Based on the confirmation of the submitted request for nostrification, the potential student can conditionally enroll in the desired study program before the completion of the nostrification procedure. In case the outcome of nostrification is not in line with expectations, the student's enrollment is canceled, and the student can enroll in a certain level of study in accordance with the decision on nostrification.

5. HEALTH INSURANCE - Upon enrollment, the student must have provided health insurance for the current school year and later for all the time he is in Institute.

6. REFUSAL OF ENTRY VISA - In case a potential student is denied entry visa to Serbia, he is obliged to scan all pages of passports and electronically personally or through the coordinator of enrollment of foreign students to submit to the Institute a scanned copy of passport to confirm that he was not issued a visa.

7. ENROLLMENT IN THE STUDY PROGRAM - A potential student who has been issued an entry visa to Serbia is obliged to report his / her stay to the competent authority within 24 hours from the moment of entering Serbia, and to come to school within 7 days to complete the enrollment procedure on the desired study program and tuition payments.

  - Application form for enrollment in Serbian and English.
  - Statement in Serbian and English.

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